The Domino District Old

Step #6 and Step #7 are made of Task Cards challenging students to explore Finding all Possibilities with dominoes. It will help to have sets of Dominoes for students to use. Here is a link to a set that you can download and print.

Please note: You do not have to use the full set of double six dominoes. If you are working with Year 1, you might like to consider which task cards to use and only share dominoes up to the double four as your set.

Step #6: Domino District

1) Click the button below to watch APSMO Explorer leave Ice Cream Island and travel to The Domino District.

2) Consider and select which task cards are appropriate for your different students to attempt. We encourage you to place students with a partner – to work with or to work alongside each other.

3) Before starting, show some example questions to your students on the IWB and let them know that just because a Task Card has a certain number of empty frames, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are that many possibilities to find.

4) The Design Task (Task Card 7) lets students design their own domino task for a partner to solve. For their task, students might draw the dominoes onto the activity page to match the question, or they might like to use actual dominoes and place them in a group on a desk.

Step #7: Partner Task Cards and Challenge Cards

1) The second set of Domino Task Cards is designed for students to solve with a partner, and to agree together that they have found all the possible dominoes that can belong to a set.

2) Look through the Challenge Cards and select different challenges for different students as you see fit. They are more challenging that some of the earlier task. Solving them as a class or in small groups might be a way to support students to navigate the task.



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