Class Challenges

The Class Challenge for Finding all Possibilities is now open.

This challenge involves using an online tool – the Sides of Five Triangle.

To complete the challenge:

  1. Watch the Teacher Video: Overview Class Challenge.
  2. Introduce your students to the Sides of Five Triangle and let them explore how it works.
  3. Print and assign challenges to different groups of students to solve.
  4. Submit your answers when your class have shared and agreed upon solutions.

All of the downloads and links you will need are on this page.

Please watch this video guide outlining the tool, the challenges and how to submit your solutions.

When your students have completed the challenges, you can click here to submit their solutions.

Here is the tool your students will you to solve the challenges. It is a puzzle called Sides of Five Triangle.

As explained in the video, a solution is created when all sides if the triangle add up to 5. Numbers can be used more than once in this puzzle.

Here is a QR Code Poster to print for your students to use to launch the activity on their devices.

Here are the task cards to print for your students. Before sharing these, let your students have time experimenting with the Sides of Five Triangle.

Remember that not every student solves each challenge – assign students appropriate challenges to solve in small groups.

Your students might like to record their work. Here are some activity sheets that can help them to do that. They also include a printed version of the activity if you would prefer for your students to work offline.

Here are the answers for the Class Challenges. They are for teacher use only.

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